Let’s discover the different kind of lovers according to their favourite kind of chocolate


San Valentines’s day is behind the corner. Love is in the air and the rush for the perfect gift has already started. Traditionally, chocolate is among the most appreciated gifts: pralines, bars or homemade cakes… this delicacy has the power to seduce and make even the hardest heart melt. But which one to choose? There are many different kind of chocolate, and each of them seems to perfectly combine with the personality of the person that would choose it.

Before browsing all the different types of sweet tooth lovers, we should say one important thing: we can talk about chocolate only when the amount of cocoa inside a product corresponds at least to the 35% of the total weight, in the form of solids or cocoa butter. That’s crucial, as we often call chocolate something that chocolate is not. But now, let’s go closer to the type of lover you are: as the saying goes, tell me what kind of chocolate you like, and I’ll tell who you are!

Dark: dark chocolate gives an unusual sensation: bitterly flavoured but able to melt in your mouth.  Together with the traditional dark (containing at least 43% of cocoa solids) we have the Extra quality too, which must contain at least 45% high quality cocoa solids. At the same way, you – that you like dark chocolate – are so: at first you can be grouchy and unpleasant but then, under the hard surface, you are a real softie, with a sensitive heart that makes you cry watching a romantic movie. Maybe is the life itself that has made you tough: you are wearing a sort of armour, but if someone takes upon himself to tear down the wall you’ve built, well, he will discover a person able to give everything for love.

Milk: it’s the most renowned and appreciated kind of chocolate in the world, bringing us back to our childhood, to the afternoon snack prepared by our grandma, to the Easter egg we used to open all together. Sweeter and buttery, milk chocolate must contain at least 25% dry cocoa solids (30% for the extra quality) and at least 14% of dry milk solids. Everybody likes milk chocolate, it’s difficult to find someone who doesn’t enjoy it. And also you – that you like milk chocolate – are so: you get along with anyone, it’s difficult to find something to argue for. As you are always smiling and happy, you always find a solution for every matter and you are trustworthy: you are the first friend that people call in their “blue” moments, or for an outburst on the phone. Beware of not being taken for granted or undervalued: often milk chocolate is considered less fine than other more sophisticated kinds. But you are precious: make your value worth.

White: white chocolate is the children’s favourite kind of chocolate, for its extreme sweetness. It doesn’t contain any cocoa solid (for this reason, it doesn’t have any bitter flavour), but only milk and cocoa butter. Despite its super-sweet flavour, not anyone likes it: for someone it can be sickly, indeed. And the same for you: you are so sweet, always supportive, even air-headed from time to time, sitting up there on your sugary cloud. Many people think you are a bit childish, but they can’t see the world as you do, and they are lucky as you absolutely don’t mind what other people think: you always believe in a better world.

Gianduja: gianduja spread is one of the Italian best crown jewels, belonging from the Piedmont region. Chocolate is perfectly mixed with nuts, for a sweeter and creamy flavour. In the same way, you are close to your roots and proud to be: yes, you like travelling, as long as you always come back home at some point. You are not so keen in discovering new cultures, as “no food is like the one you eat at home”. Maybe you should loosen up a bit, as opening your mind doesn’t mean giving up your personal experiences.

Flavoured: There are hundreds kinds of flavoured chocolate: pink pepper and lime, pear and cinnamon, ginger, rosemary, with Sicily salt or orange peel… and so on and so forth. You enjoy every type – better, you enjoy trying every kind to choose what you like and dislike. As you don’t fear trying something new, you’re open to new experiences of taste (and life): nothing scares you and, rather, you jump happily wherever there’s a sense of new things. This makes you look unbalanced and wild, but you deeply love living in freedom and there’s no way to stop you in a place.

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