Getting back into the daily routine after a period of vacation or a simple break is always very hard.

If it’s hard for adults, it is harder for children. After the relaxed slow life outdoors, without any timetable and task, now there are hard duties to bear: early wake-up, sitting down at desks for hours, whilst staying focused and far away from Mum  and Dad.

To facilitate this transition and make children feel better, you should restart your everyday activities gradually and easily, avoiding sudden separations and saving one afternoon in the week to play and spend time together.

How can we help them to restart? By giving them the correct amount of energy, first of all through the right diet – which should obviously start from the breakfast. And it’s right in this meal that we should include chocolate – even better if it’s dark. Thanks to its revitalising and relaxing features, it gives you a great start to the day, preventing you from feeling tired, stressed out and absent-minded.

For example we can offer our children some chocolate-covered cereals, together with milk or yoghurt, in order to provide them a good amount of calcium too. Full of energizing substances, a 30g portion of chocolate counts 150 calories, the same as a prepackaged snack, but healthier, more natural  and with no preservatives.

Sport  has a very positive influence on children’s mood: it improves the endorphins’ level, thanks to its anti-depressant and energising properties. And before doing sports, a snack is a good choice: chocolate, maybe with some milk bread can help giving immediate extra energy and a real “boost”!

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