Many people are skeptical towards vegan baking alternatives simply because they’ve never tried it for themselves. If you’re that one person in your friend group who went vegan and you want your friends to see how easy and delicious it can actually be, we’ve got some yummy recipe ideas to help sweeten the deal.

Reese’s pieces butter cup, you mess with this, then you’re in luck! Nobody can resist ooey gooey peanut butter, especially when its oozing out of chocolate! This crowd-pleasing dessert is made with only 2 ingredients and takes about 30 minutes until done. With just 1 ½ cups of vegan chocolate chips and ¼ cup of your favorite peanut butter, your friends will be peanut butter and jealous of how delicious and easy this recipe is. To really spice it up, try using your favorite flavor Vanini chocolate. You can even use one of each Vanini flavor for two peanut butter cups since this recipe makes a total of 12. Try this out for your non-vegan friends and see if they can spot the difference. They’ll be pleasantly surprised with this flavor sensation.

Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend has clearly never had double chocolate cookies! These vegan cookies are double the chocolate, double the fun, and double the chewy. While normal baking ingredients, like flour, baking soda, un-sweetened coca, vanilla extract and salt are more than vegan friendly, there are still some vegan substitutions that need to be made. Say MOO-ve over to regular dairy products like milk and butter, and say hello to vegan earth balance butter and almond or soy milk. For your chocolate chips, try using your favorite flavor Vanini chocolate chunks. We recommend our 86% dark chocolate, but any of our flavors will be sure to capture your non-vegan friend’s attention.

This vegan chocolate chip banana bread literally has us going bananas. Using baking soda instead of eggs and coconut oil instead of butter, this treat is perfect for anyone. Even substituting regular milk with almond or soy milk can make all the difference for vegans, without changing anything in taste. Instead of boring plain vegan chocolate chips, spice up your life by using Vanini chocolate. Since we love adding a dash of cinnamon to this recipe, there’s no perfect pear than our 62% dark cocoa pear and cinnamon flavored bar. Your non-vegan friends will fall deep into a cocoa coma.

Now that you have a few vegan recipe tricks up your sleeve, you’re ready for the show. Make any of these crowd-pleasing vegan treats for your non-vegan friends and see how cocoa crazy they go! Because Vanini chocolate is certified vegan and gluten-free, you can use any of our dark chocolate flavored bars for whatever dessert your stomach desires.



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