Summer holidays are coming closer: have you already chosen your destination? If you are still on doubt and you’re a chocolate passionate lover, we have got some places not to be missed, in Italy and abroad, for you to discover everything about your favourite ingredient.



In Italy, from Turin to Perugia


Which Italian cities are most renowned worldwide for the production of chocolate? Turin, in the Piedmont Region, is for sure one of the chocolate art birth-places: tradition tells that the deep love between the city and chocolate dates back to 1560, when Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia served a cup of hot chocolate to celebrate the transition of the ducale capital from Chambéry to Turin. Here are the origins of many chocolate-based innovations: from Bicerin, with coffee, cocoa and milk cream, introduced in the 18th century, to the well-known Gianduiotti, still individually wrapped by hand; or even the Boeri, a dark chocolate outside with a liquor filling on the inside, and the so called Cremini, with their three layers of gianduja and hazelnut chocolate.


Going down towards Southern Italy, another important destination not to be missed by chocolate lovers is surely Perugia, whose city center turns every year into an extraordinary chocolate-shop on the occasion of Eurochocolate – the chocolate festival taking place on every October. The city also hosts the Chocolate Museum and the Chocolate School… a perfect place for a super-tasty full immersion!

Vanini, together with its parent company ICAM, has always been participating to Eurochocolate: during the latest edition, the company celebrated 70 years from its foundation, with the king of chocolate Ernst Knam who awarded Andrea Restuccia from Foligno as the winner of a special contest. The award ceremony took place on the stage of Eurocholote, just in front of the big ChocoSelfie shaped using ICAM chocolate.


How can we forget Modica? A wonderful baroque city, in Southern Sicily, within the territory made famous by the renowned fiction Commissario Montalbano. It’s enough walking throughout the city centre to discover everything on the so called Gold of Modica, a particular kind of chocolate obtained through a cold-processing method (40°C), aknowledged in 2003 with the IGP certification.



Abroad: in choco-tour from the United States to Switzerland


If your plan is to go overseas, here’s the perfect destination for you: Hershey’s Chocolate World, Pennsylvania, Unites States (but also in Chicago, Las Vegas, Dubai, Shanghai and Singapore), where chocolate is the protagonist of many entertaining attractions for young and old.


If you want to know more about the culture and the history of chocolate, do not miss the Chocolate Museum of Cologne, Germany, with super-tasty souvenirs, all-kind chocolate tastes and guided tours. Same thing awaits you in Barcellona, Spain, where you’ll be discovering everything about origins and gastronomy of chocolate at the Museu de la Xocolata.


As a conclusion, start from Montreux and let yourself be driven by the Swiss Chocolate Train, inside its Belle-Epoque-style wagons where nothing has been left to chance: while looking at the wonderful Swiss mountains outside, you will be enjoying a chocolate filled croissant paired with a yummy drink, towards the cities of Gruyeres and Broc where the chocolate factory is settled.


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