Christmas is around the corner and it’s time to think about presents for family and friends. What is the perfect gift for a chocolate lover? Here some ideas, maybe even to be prepared by your own hands,,,

1)  Chocolate liquor: adorned with Christmas ribbons and decorations, a bottle of chocolate liquor will definitely be appreciated. The preparation is easy: you’ll need 300 mls of vodka, 55 g of sugar, 200 g of dark chocolate and 600 mls of milk. Put everything on the burner for half an hour until it becomes liquid, mixing it continuously. Once poured into a bottle, leave the liquor to rest for one week. A Christmas card or a label reporting the date of preparation and a personalised message will perfectly complement your gift.

2) Chocolate body cream: a super-sweet balm for your body, to be added after a warm shower…. A perfect  gift for your mum, mother-in-law or for your friends! Buy it or even make it by yourself at home. How? You’ll need 40g of natural Shea butter, 30g of aloe vera gel, 10 ml of jojoba oil and 10g of cocoa butter. If you enjoy chocolate perfume, you can add a little bit of chocolate fragrance, according to the intensity you desire. Once again – a Christmas decoration for your gift will make everything even more delightful.

3) Chocolate fondue: to be offered to your guests at the centre of the table, with portions of fresh fruit, marshmallows or popcorn for dipping. The perfect American-style gift for someone from a big family or who loves dinners with lots of friends!

4) Hand-made chocolate truffles: small delights, prepared with a chocolate ganache and decorated with different coverings, from coconut to pistachios. To prepare them at home you’ll need to heat some liquid cream (150 ml) until boiling, take awy from the heat and add chips of milk and dark chocolate (half and half, about 100g of each). Once you have everything well mixed and creamy, put it in the fridge for at least half an hour until more solid. Then, with the help of a teaspoon, make balls from the ganache and dip them into dark and milk chocolate  and then into different nut coatings. Make sure you have paper ramekins to properly display your delicious truffles in a Christmas box.

5) Chocolate spoons: For special occasions to serve with a super-tasty coffee, you can buy or make them by yourself. In this case you will need appropriate cutters, which you can purchase online or in a household products’ shop. To prepare your tasty little spoons, you need to temper some dark chocolate. Start by melting squares of dark chocolate in a double boiler to 40°C. Then pour the chocolate onto a marble surface and work with a spatula to bring its temperature down to 28°C, and then raise its temperature to 32°C, through a second double boiler heating. Then slowly pour the now-tempered chocolate into spoon-shaped cutters and then put into fridge to completely set.

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