Chocolate lovers, watch out!  Here some super-tasty events that you cannot miss if you want to fully enjoy your speciality; exhibitions which are completely dedicated to chocolate, coming every year to sweeten selected Italian cities.

Come and see the great masters in action, discover news and secrets from the chocolate world and indulge in tastings: you cannot resist!

Eurochocolate – 14-23 October 2016: as every year, the best chocolatiers will gather in Perugia from all around Italy and abroad in order to display their tastiest delicacies. A real chocolate celebration that lasts 10 days, right in the centre of the wonderful city of Perugia: through practical exhibitions and workshops you will discover chocolate secrets from the hands of those who, with passion and professionalism, dedicate every day to working with  the Food of Gods. Also ICAM will participate to this important event: the Lecco-based chocolate company that owns Vanini will be celebrating its 70th year of activity with a cake made by the best maître patissier.  Several chefs, chocolatiers and industry professionals have been invited to test themselves in the creation of a special celebration cake, dedicated to the deep-rooted history of a company renowned internationally for the taste and the quality of its chocolate ingredients.

On October 22nd the 5 finalists will compete in Perugia’s University of Taste in front of a judge of excellence – Mr Enrst Knam, the renowned king of chocolate.

Cioccoshow 16-20 November 2016: a super-tasty event is waiting for you among the Medieval streets of downtown Bologna: besides learning something new about chocolate history, its nutritional properties and the benefits for your body and mind, you will have the chance to challenge yourself during chocolate cooking sessions and workshops. For example, in the past, some of the most well-known chocolatiers have welcomed children from preschool and elementary schools for a special chocolate cooking session. If you want to learn how to prepare chocolate mousse, pralines, bars and many other delicacies, subscribe to the Lessons held at the Chocolate School. Or you could visit the 80 other stands at the festival, showcasing regional Italian products from.

Hand Made Chocolate Fair 10-19 February 2017: the art of the Italian maître chocolatier on display during valentine’s Day  the sweetest moment of the year. Yes, for Lovers’ Day the best Italian exhibitors will meet in Firenze and before sending us on a chocolate tasting tour around the world. Amidst Gianduiotti, pralines and hot chocolate, the sweetest chocolate artwork awaits you in Santa Maria Novella.


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