In winter chocolate is the sweet treat you can’t live without: if your nearest and dearest love chocolate, that’s what to give them for Christmas!   

Christmas is right around the corner: time to think about presents, so you don’t get caught unprepared. It’s fun to try and guess the one thing that will make relatives and friends happy, based on their interests and tastes. For example, we all know someone who is a real chocolate lover – not just sweet toothed but a real cocoa connoisseur. And if you are still convinced that a praline box is the only possible present… well, you are way off beam. Here are ten ways to surprise a choco-lover!

Body lotion or perfume You can choose from dark, intensely-perfumed chocolate body lotion, or a sweeter and softer milk-chocolate version. Both are characterized by a silky and smooth texture, perfect for deeply moisturising the skin. As an alternative to creams, opt for a chocolate perfume, available from intense to mild: two drops behind each ear, and you are ready for a night out!

Fondue set Chocolate fondue is a relaxed and social affair: it only requires a pot of melted chocolate in the centre of a table, with strawberries and other fruits to dip on the side. The perfect gift for a friend who loves giving dinner parties and who loves chocolate.

Praline shapes Just before Christmas Rudolph and Santa Claus shaped chocolates are popular, but there are many other cool shapes to choose from: hearts, flowers, stars and so on. Or you can pour melted chocolate into a food-safe silicone mould, chill to solidify et voilà… home-made pralines!

Books about chocolate An avid reader? Enrich their library with some books that they should not be without. Examples include Chocolate Encyclopedia, a recipe book with more than 100 pastry techniques and all the steps to wonderful desserts. Or “Che paradiso è senza cioccolato?” by the Ernst Knam, also known as the “King of Chocolate”. Is your sweet-toothed friend a scholar? Go for Roald Dahl’s classic “Charlie And The Chocolate Factory”, one of the most famous tales about chocolate thanks to the movie featuring Johnny Depp.

Chocolate fountain When you are out shopping and your friend just stops with dreamy eyes in front of all the pastry shops with a chocolate fountain in the window, just give them one for Christmas. Perfect for chocolate fondue and fruit dip parties!

Chocolate liquor Chocolate liqueur is essential during cold winter evenings or during New Year’s Eve parties. Intensely flavoured, it can warm even the coldest souls. A budget solution is to make it at home and then give bottles as Christmas presents: your friends will appreciate it even more!

Themed phone cover Is your chocolate lover also fond of technology? Just choose a chocolate-themed cover for the mobile phone: there are plenty of versions, with pralines or chocolate bars featured on the back. All in good taste!

Chocolate-coloured sweater It’s a must-have colours this year. Chocolate is a darker version of brown, almost dark purple, very autumnal and sophisticated. For your fashion-addicted friend opt for an all-enveloping turtleneck to keep her heart (and neck) warm during cold winter nights.

Accessories for hot chocolate Hot chocolate is an absolute must for winter, a sweet treat with friends during the cosy evenings. To serve good hot chocolate, you need to have a high quality cup – opt for a customised cup with the picture or name of a friend.

Chocolate box An obvious gift? Not if you search for something more delicate like mint or liquorice chocolate… there are endless possibilities!

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