Swimsut season is approaching: would you like to drop those extra pounds without painful dieting? Just read our tips!

Summer: the swimsuit season is quickly approaching and we only have one aim: being fit for the beach. However between work and things to do for family and friends, we don’t have enough time or enough enthusiasm to start a whole new way of eating. So, how can we get back in shape in a healthy and easy way? Here are a few simple tips to follow: some wellbeing secrets for everyday life, in some cases challenging, but all able to guarantee a complete remise en forme without a big effort and helping you start your holidays in perfect shape and with a smile!

Healthy eating: this means eating little amounts of every kind of food, favouring certain nutrients but without giving up anything. Choose fish, legumes and cereals, combined with fruit and vegetables (rich in fibre and minerals). Do not completely eliminate carbs from your diet. Do avoid refined sugar – stop eating snacks and sweets. Another golden rule is: never skip breakfast. It’s the meal that gives our body the energy to get through the day, the meal that allows us to start burning calories. From time to time we should give ourselves a little reward for all this effort: two small cubes of dark chocolate, rich in antioxidants, will boost our mood and make us smile.

 Chewing slowly: it seems a detail, but it’s crucial: eat slowly, carefully chewing every bite. This prevents you from taking in air and avoids bloating, signalling to your brain that you have eaten enough. Every meal should last at least twenty minutes: if you eat more quickly it means that you are eating too fast or not chewing at all.

 Sleeping well: the way you sleep is crucial: sleeping at least seven hours per night – deeply sleeping – allows the body to retrieve the energy you’ve lost during the day and to reduce stress, which is a cause of bad nutrition. Moreover, scientific research has revealed that, while we’re sleeping, our brain produces more leptin, the hormone that helps reduce fat deposits. Thus, sleeping well and for long enough is the first step in the battle against the bulge

 Drink a lot: all nutrition experts recommend that you drink at least 2 litres of water per day: this helps clear toxins from the body. If you don’t like plain water, you can make it tastier by adding fresh lemon, cucumber or herbs. There is no room in your diet for fizzy drinks, juices and alcoholic drinks, which are high in sugar and harmful to your health.

 Exercise every day: in order to keep in shape, do some exercise every day. That doesn’t necessarily mean wearing trainers and running for hours – it could be walking to the office instead of driving, or using the stairs instead of the lift to go up to the fifth floor. Or do some abdominals and squats while you are watching TV, instead of lying on the couch all the time. You can use a step counter and calorie tracker to see when you have done enough activity

Set new everyday habits in your life: you’ll lose weight without noticing!

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