What are the hardest working utensils in your kitchen? Many of them can be used for a variety of tasks, here’s a list of the most useful objects for everyday cooking.

If you are a cooking enthusiast (even if you cook only for sustenance) you undoubtedly know how important it is to have a well equipped kitchen. Pots, pans and tools of many shape, dimension and function: but what are really “the essentials”, the kitchen tools you really cannot live without? Here is a brief list of the fundamentals you cannot live without,  whether you are moving in together or going it alone or are about to move

Pots and pans: Choose medium and large pots with high and straight sides (for pasta and soups) plus a small and a large frying pan (for sauces, side-dishes and for fried recipes). All pans must come with a cover. Also buy a heavy griddle pan for meat, fish and grilled vegetables.

Baking Tins: A couple of rectangular baking tins, different-sized, perfect for your baked lasagne or parmigiana, plus a rounded non-stick tin for your cakes.

Cutlery: Forks, spoons and a set of sharp knives of different shapes and purposes for bread, salami, meat, fish, cheese et al.

Multitasking Tools: Must have: a colander, a smaller colander, a wooden spoon, a skimmer, kitchen pincers (for meat and fish), a chopping board, a grater, a potato masher, a bottle opener, a corkscrew, a can opener, a meat mallet, a dicer (to peel and slice vegetables), a juicer, a stick blender and an egg beater –  good for beating egg whites and cream.

Measuring tools: A measuring cup to measure liquids and solid foods and kitchen scales

Basics: Dinner plates, soup plates and smaller side plates, plus some larger serving plates; essential cutlery such as forks, spoons, tea spoons, knives; a variety of glasses (for water and wine); salad bowls and cups of different sizes.

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