You can’t celebrate Easter without chocolate and you definitely shouldn’t celebrate Easter without Vanini. Hop into this holiday with some yummy ideas we’ve put together to help add even more flavor and spice to your celebrations.

Add some bark to your bite
Nothing screams holiday like good old-fashioned chocolate bark. Make this classic treat even more eggcelent by adding a little Easter flare. To begin, try using your favorite flavor Vanini chocolate bar as the base. You can then use your favorite sauce to top, whether it be caramel, peanut butter or even more chocolate! Before it dries, place mini chocolate Easter eggs firmly in your bark and continue to top with your favorite sprinkles or spices. We recommend using our pear and cinnamon bar and topping it off with a little extra cinnamon. After everything is put into place, put your bark in the refrigerator for about an hour to cool. Once completely hardened, break up the bar into pieces and serve. Both kids and adults will be barking up the right tree.

On to the nest
With all the Easter eggcitement, no celebration is complete without chocolate nests. Melt down your favorite chocolate in a small bowl, placed over a pan of lightly simmering water. Once chocolate is melted, pour it over your nest materials. We recommend using pretzel sticks, chow mien noodles or anything edible. After mixing together the melted chocolate and nest ingredients, put the mixture in a cupcake tray to form a nest shape. Use the bottom of a spoon to press down the center so your eggs fit more comfortably. Place your finished product in the refrigerated to dry, then add chocolate Easter eggs or your favorite egg-shaped candies to the center of the nest. We recommend using our 86% dark cocoa flavor as the perfect balance for this salty and bitter sweet sensation.

Some-bunny left a trail
Eggcel your Easter egg hunt with a fun and easy bunny trail. Your kids won’t be able to hold back their excitement when they see the Easter bunny has been hopping around their home. To make this trail even sweeter, use broken up Vanini chocolate pieces, as if the bunny already helped himself to some treats. We recommend using our milk chocolate with sea salt bar because who are we kidding, most kids love milk chocolate. This chocolatey trail will lead your kids straight to the eggs in a fun and sweet way. Adults will love it too!

With Easter right around the corner, you need a chocolate brand you can trust. Vanini has 6 different flavors, all unique and delicious that are certain to make your celebration stand out. As a certified vegan, gluten-free and organic chocolate, Vanini can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone. Happy (bitter) sweet Easter, from us to you!

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