Earth Day serves as a reminder for all of us around the world, to come together to raise awareness of the environmental issues our planet faces and to be inspired to take personal action to protect our Earth.

Since the first Earth Day in 1970, the movement to come together as individuals and actively heal our planethas grown.

Now Earth Day serves as one of the largest civil acknowledgements in the world, celebrated in over 192 countries! It is this unity across boarders that makes Earth Day so exhilarating. Everyone joins into play their part—individuals, communities, governments, and companies. We are all reminded of the importance of actively demonstrating a commitment to environmental sustainability.

The team here at Vanini Chocolate, together with our parent company ICAM-Agostoni, is proud to make environmental protection a part of our mission, from the harvesting of raw cocoa to the packaging of the final bars.

Since our founding, we have continued to work with our partner farmers in Peru to develop sustainable cocoa-farming practices to help ensure the sustainable development of the surrounding ecosystem.

Together, we have succeeded in growing top-quality cocoa while protecting the natural biodiversity of the farmland and preventing contamination of the local ecosystem, including water, soil, flora, and fauna. In 2008, we invested heavily to open our clean-energy, highly-efficient cocoa processing plant in Orsenigo (Como), Italy, to further our commitment to environmentally-friendly production processes.

Finally, when our chocolate is ready-to-go, it is packed and shipped exclusively in eco-friendly packaging that is 100% recyclable.

All these initiatives combine to help us offer an eco-friendly product and we are delighted to offer chocolate lovers a line of gourmet chocolate bars backed by several organic and sustainability certifications. So, this April 22nd celebrate Earth Day with us and look out for Vanini Chocolate as we work for a more sustainable future all yearround!

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