The holiday season might as well be a 3 month long eating contest until you either can’t move or can’t fit into your favorite pair of skinny jeans. However, your New Year’s resolution doesn’t need to completely cut out sweets from your diet. By substituting most of your favorite treats with dark chocolate, you can snack guilt free and enjoy 2018 with healthier options. Thankfully, Vanini’s got you covered with the finest Italian dark chocolates, including our two new flavors – 70% cocoa dark and 62% cocoa dark ginger!

Our 70% cocoa dark chocolate bar is the perfect balance of bitter and sweet. The increasing soft and fruity notes follow the slight bitter taste of Cocoa Bagua, making the flavor combination a delicious pleasure. While this bar is vegan and can be enjoyed by anyone, it is also certified Sustainable Trade and certified Kosher. This bar is even packed with protein, fiber, and an appropriate amount of sugar and sodium per serving. Because this flavor is neutral, it can be paired with anything, such as fruit, chocolate chip cookies, and even your favorite ice cream.

Don’t be afraid to challenge your sweet tooth and try our 62% cocoa dark chocolate bar with ginger. The exotic spicy notes of ginger take Vanini in a new direction, different from the union of mellow and refined 62% dark chocolate. These two extraordinary flavors alternate the delicate aromatic intensity of Peruvian single origin cocoa, giving a lingering warmth and freshness for your palate. Because this bar is certified Sustainable Trade, Vegan and certified Kosher, anyone can enjoy this new and exciting new flavor.

If your New Year’s resolution is to eat and live a healthier lifestyle, don’t rule out chocolate just yet. Dark chocolate has great health benefits, such as increasing your serotonin levels and healing a sore throat. Because Vanini chocolate is made straight from bean to bar without any milk, it’s a much healthier alternative for anyone with a sweet tooth. Our two new flavors are perfect to try while bringing in the New Year. Celebrate 2018 with Vanini.

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