Would you like to create the perfect match for your favourite chocolate? First of all, you need to know very clearly the features of the product you chose, in order to balance the various tastes.

Matching ingredients with chocolate can be a real success but only if you using high-quality ingredients.

The key for a good matching is to choose a strong and savoury wine, so that it is overshadowed by the chocolate. Moreover, the wine should be low both in tannin and acidity, and not too dry or too astringent. The higher the percentage of cocoa (for example Vanini 86% Cocoa Dark) the more aromatic should be the wine, so as to be structured and persistent. Refined wines are the perfect combination for intense chocolate bars made from high-quality cocoa beans, such as Vanini 74% Cocoa Dark with cocoa nibs.
Chocolate should be matched with a red, sweet and fortified wine, such as Marsala or Moscato Passito from Pantelleria. A famous match is Barolo Chinato, also Primitivo di Manduria is considered an increasingly-popular match for dark chocolate.
Fuller wines, soft in their consistency and high in glycerol levels are also a good choice. Well balanced in terms of tannin, round in taste, they are not vanquished by chocolate as happens with many red raisin wines. Fortified wines like Port, Sherry, Madera or Vermouth work well. Some soft and barrel aged kinds of “grappa” or Calvados can work well. Finally a good distilled liquor or a cognac or a great Italian sparkling wine are the perfect match for our aromatic Dark Cocoa with Rosemary.

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