A Curious Trip Through Ten Products You Never Heard Of

Let’s play a game: if I say chocolate, what do you think? Your mind goes to a tasty bar made of squares, that you can break off in threes eat in a single bite; or it goes to rounded hazelnut pralines to be savoured with coffee at the end of a meal. Well, chocolate means one only thing: pleasure, in many shapes and sizes. But what if we said that in the world there are chocolate products that are completely unknown, but equally delicious? So, prepare your taste passport and come with us on tour: warning, deliciousness alert!

Australia – Tim Tam: This product comes from Australia where it’s super-popular. Invented more that 50 years ago by the company Arnott’s, it’s a biscuit made of brittle, filled with cream and covered with different kinds of chocolate, from the more traditional version with milk chocolate to the new white and caramel ones. If you end up in Australia, it is a must-try!

Belgium – Bruyerre: Belgium means chocolate. Bruyerre is one of the strongest Belgian brands, with a mind blowing offer of pralines in many weird shapes. How about dark chocolate praline filled with hazelnut, chocolate cream or dried fruits. Unmissable!

Denmark – Palaegshokolade: They come from Denmark and they are really delicious: thin sheets of chocolate, milk or dark, similar to a cheese slice,  perfect to pop in your sandwich. A healthy and tasty snack!

France – François Pralus: In France François Pralus is renowned as a chocolate artisan. Their Tropical Pyramis (tropical cocoa bars) are an absolute must,  made with the finest cocoa from Madagascar, New Guinea, Tanzania, Trinidad or Venezuela.

England – Cadbury: The history began with the handcrafted production of a chocolate drink, and since then it’s never stopped. Today, after almost 200 years, Cadbury is still producing the best known English chocolate bars, in many variants (with rice, almonds, nuts, pretzels…). Don’t forget the flavoured chocolate drink…

Poland – Praline Luzyckie: When in Warsaw: small sweets in many different shapes and fillings including rum, coconut to walnuts.

Portugal – Chocofigo: Chocolate as a way of promoting the local products. This is what the Portuguese company Chocofigo is actually doing, producing chocolate bars enriched with figs, prickly pears, oranges, almonds, sweet potatoes and schnapps…all local delicacies from the Southern Portugal region of the Algarve.

Sweden – Ischoklad: We’ve seen lots of chocolate desserts, but what about a chocolate popsicle? It comes from Sweden and you make it like this: melt 200 grams of dark chocolate and 100 of cocoa butter in a double boiler and then mix in cream with some beaten egg. Let it rest in the fridge for al least one hour then shape into moulds and put in the freezer. A first – dark chocolate ice lolly!

Switzerland – Bouchon Vaudois: In Switzerland, chocolate is one of the national symbols, together with watches and banks: to taste something different, just try this biscuit made of dark chocolate and almonds. Super sweet, it’s been produced for seventy years in the region called Canton Vaud, around Lake Geneva.

Turkey – Ozel Chocolate and Candy: Ozel not only means bars, but also boxes full of pralines, filled candies and many other chocolate delicacies. For lovers of real chocolate.

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