How can you resist chocolate in summer? That’s impossible! Well, maybe this is not the perfect season for this precious and ultra-tasty ingredient, but to true chocolate lovers this does not matter.

Keeping chocolate in the hot season is not simple, as it is best stored in a cool location between 13° and 18°C and the humidity found inside a refrigerator is one of the chocolate’s worst enemies.

So, rather than a bar of  “dark gold”, in summer it’s better if you have chocolate as an ingredient in tasty and refreshing desserts.

Here are 5 ideas:

  • Chocolate ice-cream: perfect as an alternative lunch, have it at work or on your way back from the beach. The most important thing is to enjoy the chocolate’s health benefits: it should be hand-made, so you can receive the right balance of fats, proteins and sugars and a good amount of taste!
  • Chocolate smoothie: for fresh drinks lovers, a smoothie is the perfect choice here. A mix of ice cream and milk, it is ready in a minute, refreshing as well as energising, and keeps you cool through the summer heat.
  • Chocolate mousse: soft, fresh and smooth, it can be prepared as a “light” version mixing carefully-melted chocolate with sugar, egg yolk, butter and whipped egg whites. Store in the fridge and serve cool, accompanied by dessert biscuits of your choice.
  • Frozen mint and chocolate dessert: a mix of tastes that will explode in your mouth! The perfect spoonable dessert for summer, to be served cool and so easy to prepare. You need some mint leaves (about twenty) to infuse in just-boiled cream (200ml) for 15 minutes. After that, melt a 100g chocolate bar into the hot cream and gently add a mix of whipped cream and vanilla sugar. Store it in the fridge and enjoy as and when!
  • Chocolate tiramisu: a beloved classic of the Italian cuisine, for a summer version replace mascarpone cheese with ricotta, thus obtaining a smoother and lighter – but equally tasty – dessert!

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