Today is National Chocolate Day in the USA, a country with a population that enjoys almost 3 billion pounds of chocolate a year. Whether you eat it, drink it, or bake with it, we all seem to love chocolate.This may be because of the intensity of the flavorthat makes each taste unique. After all, it takes up to six seconds to experience the full range of flavors in a piece of chocolate, and each moment is filled with a world of sensations.

While today is the day American’s have set aside to celebrate everyone’s favorite sweet, over the centuries chocolate has become a common language, crossingnational, cultural, and, of course, culinary boundaries. Given chocolate’s almost otherworldly qualities, it’s no wonder the Mayo Chinchipe people—some of the earliest cocoa farmers in recorded history—referred to their cocoa as thefood of the gods. Over 5000 years ago, the Mayo Chinchipe began cultivating a very high quality cocoa bean known as Criollo. Covered in beautiful flowers, the Criollo cocoa trees eventually caught the eye of European conquistadores who brought the precious beans back home. It did not take long for chocolate to become wildly popular throughout Europe. Overtime, chocolate manufactures began to dilute their product with extra sugar and additives in order to produce more of it, a practice widely used to this day. Fortunately, there are still chocolate makers out there today who want to preserve the delectable essence and sharetrue high-quality chocolate with the world. Here at Vanini, our goal is to do just that.

We are proud to offer a world-class bean-to-bar chocolate. Our mission is summarized in our 3P Program: People, Planet, Palate—a new ethical and sustainable business model, the logo of which appears on all Vanini products.


Vanini chocolate has developed a very close, fair-trade relationship with APROCAM, a non-profit organization founded in 2003 with the aim of bringing together small cocoa farmers, promoting sustainable development, and improving the living conditions of the community. The Bagua cocoa used in Vanini chocolate—a strand of Criollo cocoa harvested by local Amazonian communities since 3000BC–is bought directly from the 460 Peruvian farmers and their families who together make up the APROCAM co-operative. We are proud of our partnership with APROCAM, and look forward to investing more in a community that has so much to offer to a world of chocolate lovers.


From the cocoa farms of Peruto our manufacturing plant in Italy, we take environmental protection very seriously. From the very beginning, Vanini chocolate has used environmentally-friendly ingredients and packaging material in order to help protect and preserve unique eco-systems. More recently, in 2008, we reaffirmed our commitment by opening a new clean-energy, highly-efficient cocoa processing plant in Orsenigo, Italy.


The extraordinary Bagua cocoa used in Vanini chocolate issourced from carefully selected plantations located in the Bagua district, an area of Peru renowned for its ancient cocoa. We work with APROCAM to continually seek out the finest quality beans in order to capture the wonderful tastes of this truly remarkable cocoa. We also have selected a unique blend of inclusions to offer a range of exciting Mediterranean flavors and we continuously refine our recipes to deliver original and delicious chocolate bars.

Happy National Chocolate Day from Vanini!

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